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Back in the 1960s, a method was revealed to the general public on how to beat the game of Blackjack. This was known as the method of counting cards. However, despite being one of the only games that can be beaten at a casino, very few people actually managed to learn how to beat the game of blackjack. However, the whole scenario has changed since then; tables usually make use of more than one deck, or a certain percentage of the cards are deducted so the counter isn’t able to view them. However, when it comes to playing blackjack online, this is all about focus and yes, a bit of luck is involved as well. Now, if you are interested in playing blackjack, understanding the rules of the game is vitally important.

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The game might be played with a single, standard 52 card deck or two. Each card is given a denomination. Cards with numbers 2 to 10 are assigned the same value as their numbers, while the Kings, Queens and jacks are given 10 points each. The Ace might be treated as 11 or 1, depending upon the game. The main target for the player is to get cards that are as close to the numerical value of 21, without their figure going over the cards of the dealer. On your screen, you are likely to see a table shaped in the form of an arc, and the game can be played by up to 7 people on the outside, while a dealer plays too.

One end of the table will show you the minimum and maximum bets, while any variations, if made, will also be shown on the common rules board. You can start your game by placing a wager, and then you will receive a couple of cards. All players are given their cards face up, so don’t be surprised if you can see what’s on your card. You need to be concerned with the number on hand.

Now, there are several options available to the player. For instance, if you decide to ‘hit’, you may take one or more cards in order to get closer to 21. However, if your total goes above the numerical value of 21, you will be considered ‘bust’, and will lose the wager. You can also ‘stand’, which means you won’t be taking any additional card and will stick with what you have.  Then, you can also double down, which means that your original bet will be doubled, and you will be given one extra card, regardless of the value that is placed upon it.

It should be known that blackjack is a flexible game; there are several options available to the players. However, now that I have explained the basic rules, it should be known that online casinos usually have numerous kinds of black jack games, such as face down games, etc. Therefore, make sure you choose one that you think can be winnable.