Casino Deposit Match Bonuses

Welcome to our exclusive deposit match bonus section. We focus on providing casino deals that you didn’t know about or can’t find anywhere else. If you have a figure in mind that you wish to spend, we guarantee that you will be able to at least double the figure with our deposit match casino bonuses. All offers come with our personal guarantee that your money will get matched by at least £1 for every £1 you spend.

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Our mission is to help new customers play casino games with a match offer NOW. Not in 24 hours, not in 7 days, but now. Whether you are looking for slots, table games, video poker or keno; we aim to please you with a transparent match bonus that is available instantly, with no hidden catches.


Increase your chances of winnings

It is a well known fact that one of the reason these bonuses are so popular is because the more you spend the more you will get free (within the max limits). As a rule of thumb; if your finances allow it a handy tip is to spend more money initially to claim a bigger bonus, even if you don’t plan on playing it all. This way you will get more money for free as most deposit match bonuses are only available once. By getting more bonus money your play-balance will be bigger, giving you more chance to win money on average if playing at the same stake level. By this we mean that if you play slots at 1p per spin with £100 instead of £50, you are more likely to win, or win more times overall.

So how does it work?

Deposit match bonuses are awarded to players instantly upon their first cash spend, providing there are no split-bonus terms or requirements. Once you select the amount you wish to deposit at your chosen casino, you will receive extra funds in your account to play with. We always advise to check the small print to make sure you are happy with the terms as some casinos have different wagering requirements.



Example match bonus calculator

depositmatchbonusesFor this example we take an easy figure of £100.

  • Deposit £100 at 100% and get £100 free = £200 in your balance.
  • Deposit £100 at 150% and get £150 free = £250 in your balance.
  • Deposit £100 at 200% and get £200 free = £300 in your balance.

By outlining how the match bonuses are calculated we put you in the driving seat. You can easily calculate your potential bonus by taking your planned-spend figure and adding on the bonus percentage, e.g. £10 + 200% = £20 free (£30 to play).

If you are having trouble deciding on a bonus for yourself, our info should make it easier to digest and figure out what your final play-money-balance will be. There are 2 important pieces of criteria in this section; maximum amount and percentage match. Max amount is the very maximum figure you can claim in a match bonus. The percentage match means the rate at which your cash-spend will be matched. For example £100 max bonus at 100% match means that if you spend £100; it will be matched 100% giving you £100 free bonus.


Do you have a small deposit but still want the best value for money? View our bonus chooser so you can view the exact amount you can get for your money.

Don’t let the bonus be out of reach

Like many new casino players, people often don’t know that they can spend any amount (between a margin) and still get a bonus. On average the minimum spend at casinos tends to be £10 in order to get the intro-offer. Just because a casino advertises that they provide a £300 bonus for example does not mean that it caters for players looking to spend near to this figure. The adverts you see often include the maximum deal amount but the minimum still applies.

When people discover Casino Bonus Club, they are pleasantly surprised that we are on their side and not the casino providers. We do this by keeping everything transparent so that you can not only easily understand the bonuses, but see exactly what you are getting with the aim of maximises your value for money.

Using our brilliant DMB scheme (deposit match bonus scheme), people who are located in the UK are able to get between 100% and 500% extra free. On top of this, our offers include free spin slot games and ongoing promotions tied in to your casino account such as loyalty, reload and VIP deals.

“A match-deposit bonus allows you to claim more real-play-money than you would have otherwise started with, by allowing the provider to ‘match your deposit’ at a rate of at least one-for-one.”.

Is this type of bonus right for me?

At Casino Bonus Club, our team help customers move freely around the gambling world. We contribute towards giving match deals more exposure so that you can make your money go further. We specialise in:

  1. Showing customers how to get started straight away with a match deposit bonus.
  2. Allowing new players to double their play balance.
  3. Provide important need-to-know points such as wagering terms.

Find out where the bonuses are by looking at the provider and reading reviews. Currently we have casino and slot sites from all over the UK. Some providers even provide a live chat service should have any direct queries before signing up. Once you have chosen your bonus, click on the button to visit the approved and vetted site and save money!

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Who is this bonus type for?

  • Newbies to online gambling who want to get on the casino ladder.
  • Experienced gamblers who are looking for another place to play.
  • Bonus tourists who want to double or triple their cash for slots and casino games.