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Casino Bonus Club is independently run, without outside influence. The information and bonuses we provide are based on extensive gambling research. Players can view details of each bonus deal by selecting the amount they wish to spend. This will then give the total amount you will receive as a bonus. For example, deposit £10 @ 200% match, get £20 free bonus and have £30 to play overall (£10 spend + £20 bonus). The reason that our bonus chooser is so popular is because it only lists the bonuses for the required spend amount. This puts the player in control of their gambling and does not distort their decision with other amounts.

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How the bonus chooser works:

We are one of the most reliable gambling bonus comparison sites in the United Kingdom. Our website is dedicated to supplying the best bonuses and making sure you enjoy the fun side of casinos using our expert research. The average gambler in the UK can get up to between 100%-500% more play-money by being a savvy, clued-up player claiming the very best gambling offers.

At Casino Bonus Club, we never charge people money or require a membership registration to claim bonuses. Nor do we take cash for advertising. Online casino providers can NOT pay to buy ad-space on our website. Therefore, any of our best deals, top offers and recommendations are purely down to our research team.

“A casino’s aim is to make money. A players aim is to make the most of their cash. A casino spends thousands of pounds on advertising and training staff to draw in new gamblers, yet the average person doesn’t get gambling money tips or training, it’s about time they did.”

Our bonus mini-guide is an easy and quick comparison, put together to assist people in finding the best bonuses by comparing top casino provider offers for UK players.

When it comes to casino bonuses, we at Casino Bonus Club know just how important it is to look around for the best offer, but not all people know this. Finding the right provider for casino games is no different than shopping around for car insurance. We put casino’s through their paces and make sure they are giving value for money so that people avoid a bad experience. Compare the best bonuses and see how much further you can make your money go, including individual game bonuses on top games including; Starburst, Mr Cashback, Marvel Roulette and more.

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Over a hundred thousand people used our bonus comparison guide last year and 50% of those people returned multiple times. Our team is dedicated and proud to live up to the reputation we have with the people of Britain and strive to continue improving our services to ensure people are happy with their gambling activities for years to come.

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Top 5 Good To Know Gambling Points

  1. The most reputable casinos consistently run the best loyalty programmes.
  2. Beware of maximum withdrawal limits on no deposit bonuses.
  3. Avoid rogue casinos – some don’t pay even if you win!
  4. Don’t dwell on your bonus too long – some have expiry dates.
  5. Don’t jump in to the first bonus you see, every bonus has wagering requirements before you can cash-out your winnings.