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Casino No Deposit Bonus

This is a great bonus to have. For people who have the ‘knowhow’, going for a casino that offers a no deposit bonus is a great idea, since it basically allows you to check out their casino games without depositing any money in your casino account. Amazingly, you can also win money to a certain extent. A no deposit bonus is exactly what it says on the tin. You get a bonus, without the need to make a cash deposit. To take advantage of no deposits the only criteria is that you sign up for a new account and they only usually apply to new customers signing up. However, it is recommended that you always read the small print as there are usually conditions and requirements before you can withdraw any winnings.

No deposit bonuses are one of the most popular casino bonuses in the world. They appeal to a certain select niche of people who enjoy the ‘something-for-nothing’ thrill. Not only this but the bonus offers peace of mind for anyone unsure about which casino is right for them.

Not all online casinos offer no deposits and they are generally limited and in some cases difficult to find. However, when a casino offers the chance to ‘try before you buy’ then it is more often than not snapped up. No deposit bonuses usually start at around £5, up to £35 depending on the casino offering the bonus. The main reason that online casinos offer no deposit bonuses is to increase their client base. For every one bonus hunter they may get 5 genuine casino players. So the joint incentive makes it worthwhile for both the player and the casino.


  • Gives players a much more realistic idea of how the online casino works under real conditions rather than free-play credits.
  • Free cash directly in to a casino account lets you play and win for free.


  • Attracts a surge of bonus hunters that may abuse the bonus, resulting in termination of the offer.
  • No deposit bonuses are usually realeased for a limited time only.
  • Not readily available at all casinos.

Final no-deposit bonus note: Bear in mind that these type of bonuses sometimes come with stricter conditions and higher wagering requirements. For instance, the casino may set that you can only withdraw winnings that you generate from the free bonus after X amount of wins/losses. Furthermore; there may be a clause in place so that the bonus is used up within X amount of minutes or days.